Coastal Bases

If I want Vampire Pirates to exists I can’t just make a deal with Nagash and hope he follows through on the promise. I need to make them happen and we have all the tools to make that a reality.

My first step was deciding on a basing scheme for the army. If I couldn’t decide on bases that would sell the story then it would make it hard to be sure people would identify these as pirates.

I toyed around with wood plank bases and have them all be on a pirate ship but I wanted to use pirate ships on the battlefield and not have them limited to a display board so I settled on beach bases. The army would be coming ashore to collect blood, bones, and of course gold.

Here are my directions for painting beach bases. My recipe is the following:

Step 1: sand texture paint of choice on half the base

Step 2: glue debris of choice

Step 3: prime according to preference and zenithal with a skull color,

Step 4: paint sand with agrax earth shade, Step 5: dry brush sand with screaming skull

Step 6: paint debris rocks ulthuan grey

Step 7: dry brush with plaid wytch flesh

Step 8: paint coral debris pink with volupus pink

Step 9: highlight coral debris with emperors children

Step 10: highlight coral debris more with fulgrim pink

Step 11: paint a stripe on the coastline with white scar

Step 12: paint a stripe following the whole with a bright blue

Step 12: paint the ocean a Caribbean blue color

Step 13: paint your water with an acrylic water effect

Step 14:  paint the tops of waves with Valhallan blizzard texture paint

Step 15: paint rims black (not shown)

Step 16: spray base with a matt finish

Step 17: paint water with a gloss finish

Here is an image of all the paints and hobby materials I used:

We Prepare to Set Sail

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